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Numberland has proven to be a great success in Berlin

International School Berlin

by Andreas Wegener
CEO/Director of Berlin International School / Kita International / Private Kant-Schule e.V. / Kantis Kinder-Klub e.V.

Over the last two years Prof. Preiss offered training to Early Childhood staff. Three times different teachers learned about the profound concept of early math. Both programmes, "Zahlenland" (Numberland) and "Entenland" (Little Duck's Adventureland) turned out to be a great success, both for the children and the teachers.

Kantis Kinder-Klub e.V. is a not-for-profit, state recognized Early Childhood organization, offering early education for 1 to 5-year-olds in three different schools in the south-west of Berlin. They are serving about 300 youngsters. Kantis Kinder-Klub is the prep programme for most parents who like their children to be part of the different schools of Private Kant-Schule, a well known and established educational organization, serving about 1,850 students, both in national and international educational programmes. The international school has grown up to some 850 students from more than 65 nations, primary school up to IB Diplom.

Prof. Preiss´ training has taught staff members a sound understanding of the overall math programme. They picked up many parts of the practical programme including parent training. Children have improved in concentrating, knowing numbers, knowing how to use numbers, building "bridges" with games and songs, stories and farytails. The training has also strengthened the staff spirit and encouraged teachers to become more learners themselves. "Entenland" (Little Duck's Adventureland), the programme for the even younger ones, has turned out to be an excellent match.

It has been a valuable investment for the school to buy into both programmes. We are happy to share our experiences with any school interested.

Andreas Wegener

Berlin International School / Kita International / Private Kant-Schule e.V. / Kantis Kinder-Klub e.V.
Körnerstraße 11, D-12169 Berlin


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